Automate Subscriber Addition to Mailerlite

Automate Subscriber Addition to Mailerlite

Integrate your forms with Mailerlite, a feature-rich email marketing platform. Automatically add new form submissions to your mailing lists, send personalized email campaigns, and engage with your subscribers effortlessly. Nurture leads and build strong customer relationships with ease.

Setting up Mailerlite Integration

To add the new workflow action for form submissions to send the emails to your form submitters, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have an account on Mailerlite if not please visit Mailerlite (opens in a new tab) and sign up.
  2. Create the API Key by following the Mailerlite guide Create Mailerlite API Key (opens in a new tab).
  3. Log in to your dashboard and navigate to the “Apps” Tab.
  4. Click on Mailerlite “Connect”. This will bring an window for you to add the name of the connection and Mailerlite API Key
  5. Please enter the “Connection Name” and “API Key” and click “Add
  6. Now navigate to the “Forms” tab and select the form for which you want to set up Mailerlite emails workflow.
  7. Under the selected form page navigate to the “Workflows” Tab
  8. Under the workflows click on the “Actions” and select “Add action” this will bring up a new window.
  9. Here select the App as “Mailerlite” and Connection which was connected previously and "Add Subscriber" as an action.
  10. After Selecting all the options click on “Add” and test the Mailerlite workflow action by submitting a test form on your website and verify the subscriber added in Mailerlite.

Toggling the Mailerlite Workflow

Once you have added the Mailerlite action to the form’s workflow, you can toggle the workflow action by:

  1. Navigate to the the “Workflow” tab under the selected form
  2. Just click on the toggle switch on the slack action to pause or resume the workflow.

Troubleshooting Mailerlite Workflow.

If you encounter any issues with Mailerlite workflow, such as new subscriber not being created, you can troubleshoot the issue by:

  • Reconnecting the Mailerlite connection by clicking the reconnect button under the “Apps” tab and entering the “Connection Name” and “API Key”.
  • Test the workflow by submitting the test submission on the form.

Info: Mailerlite Integration feature starts from Basic plan. (opens in a new tab)